Saturday, July 7, 2007

Two Years After Live 8, Live Earth is today 7/7/07

Over the next 24 hours, over 150 acts will perform in the 'Live Earth' benefit to raise awareness of climate change.
Hosted by former US Vice President Al Gore, the show features acts from the likes of Madonna, the Police, Kanye West, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, and Genesis.
Concerts in Australia and Japan have already kicked off! Gore appeared via satellite to kick-off Live Earth Australia and made an appearance as a hologram to kick-off Live Earth Japan. The vice president-turned-environmental activist is urging fans to join in the fight against global warming.
Live Earth is not a drama free production though. Some complain that it doesn't have a clear goal, and other critics claim it lacks achievable goals. They also say there's a mixed message by flying in singers and performers on gas guzzling airliners. Some have even complained saying that the concert uses too much energy to fuel all of amplifiers and stage gear needed for concerts of this capacity.
Meanwhile organizers promise the entire series will promote a safer, smarter future.

Bon Jovi at Live 8 during rehearsal

Friday, July 6, 2007

Just What Philly Needs, another Bank of America ATM

Instead of picking up some sweets at Soho Cupcakes on 16th Between Walnut and Sansom, you'll have to settle for some cold hard cash!I mean really NYC can support at least three cupcake places, and Philly, which has been voted fattest City at least 3 times in the last 5 years can't keep one damn cupcake place afloat!! (RIP: Buttercup and SOHO Bakery!!) As punishment we must endure another BOA ATM Cash Machine.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Philadelphia Mayor's Office Blames Philadelphian's for being Ignorant of What It Means to Clear The Parkway!!

It doesn't mean that the fireworks are cancelled, it just means that he doesn't want you to see them, they're only for the folks watching at home in their comfortable dry homes. Do you think someone could have interpreted the weather radar a little better, 20 minutes later and there was no rain.****

As a steady rain fell during a concert by Philadelphians Hall and Oates, word got out the fireworks display had been called off for concern over the weather. So shortly before 11 p.m. concert goers said an announcement was made during the concert informing the thousands of spectators the fireworks show would not go on as planned. Thousands of disappointed men, women and children packed up their lawn chairs and headed home. Thousands of disappointed men, women and children packed up their lawn chairs and headed home. (The crowd begins to disperse)

Moments later the rain stopped and a clearing presented an opportunity to go forth with the display. Absent were the thousands of spectators once anticipating the glorious sights. At 11:20 p.m., a lucky few of just over 100 stragglers were fortunate enough to witness the pyrotechnics as they lit up the night sky.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Mayor's office contends the city did not cancel the show. Joe Grace said they told spectators to leave the parkway for public safety reasons, but "they were never cancelled."“I think where the confusion came in was that I had indicated because of safety, we were clearing the parkway. I think that the folks interpreted that the fireworks were cancelled,” City Managing Director Loree Jones said. (As reported on KYW)

So basically it was ok that people hung out in the rain for the first 5 hrs, and the lightning storm for the last hour s long as the bands were playing on stage, because it would be a waste to have Hall & Oates play to an empty house.
I think if someone told me to clean out my desk, and clear out of the office, I would interpret that I was fired. Sounds likes someone needs to hear those words. Or at least the City should put on another fireworks show for the disappointed tax paying citizens of Philadelphia.