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December 2007



I can’t thank you enough for discovering my Philly Chit Chat blog this year. I can’t believe that over 30,000 people have stopped by to check it out. I try and keep it pictorial and not too overly personal with my feelings, but I will be making an exception with this last entry on 2007.
I’ve always been interested things, events and people. I like to photograph all three. I lived in NYC for 18 months on a work assignment. I discovered celebrity photography. My friends were tired of getting my emails with a dozen attachments, they suggested I start a blog, which turned out to be very popular as I posted an entry a day and told people what it was like to be a paparazzi (although I was really a fan shooting celebrities for most of the time I wrote it) . Then in October 2006 I broke a couple big stories on the blog, which were picked up by People, Us, MTV and MSNBC referencing my blog, and then was hired by a photo agency.
When I returned to Philly in Dec 06. It was depressing, no more nightly celebrity events or interesting people to shoot or I thought. My friend Phyllis took me to a party in Feb 07. I met the incomparable, social butterfly Thom Cardwell (center)who began taking me to events to photograph. I re-discovered Philadelphia and the people that make it interesting. I started Philly Chit Chat, a blog about Philly people, events and things (with a celebrity thrown in here or there; in 2008 more celebs will make there way in, I am seriously ending Confessions as an everyday blog, as I want to focus on Philly Chit Chat, although I will still be going to NYC to shoot events, just posting them in Philly, because heck I’m from Philly and that’s Philly enough for the blog – LOL)

OK here comes the fun part. I made a list at the begining of the year and I have to say I did everything I wanted except for one thing.

So let’s recap:

1) I shot my first professional gigs on a red carpet at a movie premiere in Philly & NYC (Rocky & Georgia Rules)

2) I was published in the Daily News (Angie Everhart & Vince Fumo March 07) and in the Phila Inquirer (First time: Barry Manilow and back-up singers Sept 07)

3) I broke a few Philly stories including the waxing of William Penn and the Zoning Notice regarding the PNB Bldg (and I have had to hold back more than a dozen things as people asked me not to write about it) 4) I shot both Philly Film Festivals and met some of the Philly Photographers
5) I photographed my favorite singers Bruce Springsteen & Bono (September) 6) I changed Photo Agencies and began getting published nationally and internationally with WENN (September)

7) I got a Press Pass in Philly (October)

8) I was published in People Magazine online [October] (This shot taken in NYC)And in the glossy US Magazine in November (This shot taken in Philly)

9) I met the most interesting people, attended some great parties and eventsMonica Malpass, Mary Patel, Thom Cardwell and FriendThe New Generation Media Giants – Matt Ray, HX magazine; James Duggan, QUEERtimes, and Steve McCann of PhillyGayCalendarBlog Convention – Joey Sweeney seminarI met two of my favorite Philadelphians – Sharon Pinkenson and DJ/QZine Robert Drake
10) I will be getting published in Where Magazine, a publication that I’ve handed out at the Visitor’s Office of City Hall when I have volunteered there.
11) I attended Mark Segal’s Holiday Party and saw some of Philly’s politicians sing the 12 Days of Christmas (I wasn’t allowed to take photos, so I didn’t). I had always read about this party in Stu Bykoskey’s column and really wanted to go someday
12) I lived through insulting the Clay Aiken fans who left over 60 messages in the comment section.
13) I kept my day job and didn’t get fired pursuing my paparazzi passion (in NYC & Philly), got very little sleep, and my heart still beats at only 50 bpm so I am not too stressed out yet.
***Thank you to Mike, My family, Katie & Simon for their couch in NYC, my friends in NYC, Margarita, Carmen, Luisa, Kenny, Doug, Vincent, Demis and Cara, and my Philly friends Phyllis, Thom, James, Mary Patel, MK, DG, Philebrity, Gilbert, Paul, John, Amtrak, Greyhound and to my readers; Thank you, thank you thank you and Happy New Year!!
P.S. I never got published in the Metro Newspaper. I tried, and I tried and I tried. They just rather pull their photos from the AP wire. Shows how local they want to be.


TWO LOVELY PARTIES I ATTENDED THIS WEEKEND, neither of which I am allowed to expound on to much

I was thrilled to attend both as they are always in the gossip/social pages. I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera to Saturday nights party, but I did bring it to Friday’s party but can only share the photos below…People know, if I have my camera, your event very well might show up in the newspaper, but most certainly will show up on my blog. I am certainly trying to fashion myself after the but as someone who attends all kinds of events, parties and affairs not just the social “registered” scene.Mary ChristmasHer house is lovely, her children sweet, house decorated to the nines, guests on political and social scene, Hostess mentioned in this month’s Philly Mag as a mover and shaker, I think, but who knows as I can’t get a copy yet to confirm

Saturday nights party had a few cross over people, but was a really who’s who of the social scene, politicians, gay movers and shakers and more of an all walks of life attendence. A relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughing and story telling.


I wrote a little about Helen and her husband earlier in the week, but I wasn’t allowed to tell you about this honor she was to receive. This is what I had to say about her: I first met Helen back when she championed the effort to keep the stadiums out of Chinatown, an issue my life partner was also concerned with. Another cause Helen near to her heart is education. Recently on Frontline she was quoted as saying, “Education is not a business. At some point, quality of education and the concept of profit will conflict and that quality of public education will suffer.”
Congratulations Helen!!



I had just left a party on Delancy Street and was making my way over to Walnut Street to catch a bus home, when I hear what sounded like a car crash on the other side of the park. It turned out that it was actually a car crash in the park! I arrive to the red headed alleged driver trying to figure out how to turn off her car alarm, and stuff the airbags back into the steering wheel

she then pleaded with the crowd, that had gathered, to help her turn her car around, because she had made the innocent mistake of taking the left on 18th Street much too soon. “I don’t drive in Philadelphia, she slurred. I’ve never been here, I was lost; could someone please help me turn my car around?” (I don’t know what she hit, but she had a flat tire, and the front end was damaged)

The police arrive and the first thing he asks is “Have you been drinking?”, she then slurred that she might have had one drink and she swayed back and forth. “I was going around the block, they’re were all this one way streets, and as soon as I could go left I did, I need to get to Vine Street” I’m not from Philadelphia, this is why I don’t drive downtown, it’s confusing, could you just help me turn my car around and I will go home, she pleaded.
“What are you doing, why are you handcuffing me, are you arresting me, why are you arresting me?”, “I just made a wrong turn, just help me push my car around”
NOTE TO READER: At this point Houdini has escapes from her handcuffs, this happened twice to the crowds delights and cheers. She was so clueless she didn’t realize how serious it was that she kept slipping out of the handcuffs.This time the officer really made them tight. They dumped her stuff out from her purse, and asked her why she had a knife. She I don’t drive in the City, but I know there are a lot of murders going on and I needed to protect myself. “OH why are these so tight, they hurt”, the cop tells her “look if you can get out of these I will give you $100 bucks, and you’ll need that money”; She just kept repeating “Are you arresting me, why are you arresting me?”Then the officer takes her over to the car and says, look drinking and driving is dangerous. You could have killed someone when you drove through the park. Look at what you did, here is your car more than a block away from where you drove in, and you have been drinking. She still didn’t get it as she was taken to the paddy wagon still asking “Why are you arresting me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just made the wrong turn, this is why I never come downtown!”I asked the tow truck driver if he was impounding the car. “No we only impound the car if it was a “Live Stop” and her license, insurance or registration was invalid. Her’s were fine.” What will happen is he will find drop the car off on the first available spot on the street, and when she’s release she can make the arrangements to remove it. If she gets too many tickets, we will boot it and then impound it.
She just bought the car on 12/19/07