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October 2007


The Cocktail Party of the Opening of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre

It was a thrill for me to meet/photograph Edward Albee.

A local celebrity Henri David and his partner with Suzanne Roberts. For the past 30 years Henri David throws the biggest party in all of Philadelphia, The Henri David Ball. Stay tune on Thursday to see the shots that I take at that decadent gathering.
I went to elementary school with my favorite Philadelphia Magazine writer’s Carol Saline’s daughter. Here she is talking to Nathan Lane. Carol also wrote the “Sisters” “Mothers & Daughters” photo books that were popular in the 80s & 90s (
An awkward looking picture. Doris Roberts, Terrence McNally, Richard Thomas next to Carl Dranoff and his wife. They built the condo that is above the theater.
Former Rendell Chief of Staff Democrat David Cohen and Governor for a minute Republican Mark Schweiker

Richard (John boy) Thomas and Nathan Lane
Everbody loves Doris, and nobody would leave her alone all night The lovely Lucie Arnez – This shot was bought by the Philadelphia Inquirer and appeared in it today:
HUGHE DILLON / For The Inquirer
Channeling Callas: Actress Lucie Arnaz went sans script for her turn as the famed opera star Maria Callas in “Master Class” at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre opening.
Nathan Lane tells a story, and gets his own punchline Dan Gross’ reported in his column this nugget: “You’re the third person who said they built this place,” said Nathan Lane to developer Carl Dranoff Monday night at the opening of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre in the Symphony House (Broad & Pine), which Dranoff Properties did build. (In a further effort to cross brand, please check out my other blog for photos of Terrence McNally christening the Suzanne Roberts stage ) I am off to NYC for a few events and probably wont be posting again til Tuesday.



First I want to thank my faithful readers for checking in each day; sorry for the delay, I just got new carpeting and paint and the computer has been down. That hasn’t stopped me from attending a few events. On Monday Philadelphia rolled out the red carpet, for a huge event with the opening of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre Gala. Here is Suzanne and Ralph Roberts (I thought it would be rude for me to ask him to subsidize my Comcast Cable bill, but I should have thanked him for adding William Penn to the top of the new Comcast Building)Suzanne is grateful to him too First Lady Midge, not one for posing, she’s a dignified judge. She looks terrific. No sign of the gov, I guess he was still nursing the Eagles loss from Sunday

Hmm guess I could have photo shopped this lighter, the Channel 3 crew, Larry, Alycia and Kathy Orr

The Plays and Players Company crew, Ira Lubert (left), Sara Garonzik, the theater company’s producing artistic director, and Jerry Riesenbach, president of the company’s board.

Philly is styling it on the red carpet
Many of Philadelphia’s Phasionable of the Social Set made an appearance at the Gala. (Why doesn’t Philly have a social calendar like NYC)And then the party continued inside (I find that the Red Carpet events in Philly, much nicer to the paparazzi’s than NYC. This week alone I have been fed twice, given gift bags and at this event had a chance to see the tribute show to Terrence McNally (on right). Thank you Philadelphia, I’m glad I moved back. And thanks to Debbie and crew at the Gala. Tomorrow I am going to NYC for a few events, so I will have to continue Monday with the shots from the cocktail party, show and after party.