Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Prayers that Philadelphians Say - And the Fairmount Park Angel Tree (No chopping it down please.)

Every Good Friday my father had my 7 siblings kneel and say a prayer. I wished I had written it down. I asked my followers on FB and Twitter if they knew it. These are the responses. The first one is from Pat Ciarrocchi, who is 1 degree separate from the Pope, and knows the Catholic religion traditions like no other priest. I've been through a couple Pope picks with her, and she knows her stuff.
My Lord Jesus, I humbly beg of thee by the merits of the Most Precious Blood, by they paiful Passion and  cruel death and the love of they Sacred Heart, assist me and mind in all our present necessities. 33x btw 12-3 - shared this
(Do you see the Angel tree I snapped in Fairmount Park last week?)

Oh my sweet Jesus by the pains of the cruel wounds and death on the cross grant me this request. Say this 33 times between 12-3 then ask for your request. - Janine (my sister)

 Oh my Lord Jesus
I humbly beg of thee by
the merits of thy Precious

Blood and by the Divine Heart
and by the intercession of
thy cruel death to assist
me in my present necessity
(Make Your Request)
Say: 33 times from 12:00 noon
to 3:00 pm

Thursday, April 17, 2014


JOEY SWEENEY PREMIERES "RECORDS & COFFEE" VIDEO IN HONOR OF RECORD STORE DAY (4/15/14 I was angsting over taxes, so here it is on #TBT)
New video from "Long Hair" LP/CD for track featuring Charlie Hall of War On Drugs, string arrangement by Lushlife

JOEY SWEENEY'S "RECORDS AND COFEE" from his full length album "LONG HAIR" available now for download, CD and VINYL

The lyrics are great, and his voice very unique. The video is priceless. That's one talented dog.

The Nutters Party at The Philadelphia Academies held its annual gala, “The Party,” at The Loews Hotel

On Saturday night, Philadelphia Academies held its annual gala, “The Party,” at the Loews Hotel. This year’s theme was “Get Your Geek On...” Philadelphia Academies supports Philadelphia public school students with career-focused programs that prepare young people for employment and post-secondary education.
 Rakia Reynolds,  Mary Dougherty, and Lisa Nutter, president of Philadelphia Academies
Karen Copeland, ‎Executive Director Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia, Kevin Dow, Philadelphia Academies Board Member, United Way, Kim Fraites-Dow, ‎Chief Development and Marketing Officer at Girls Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania and Dana Niles, Research Program Manager at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
 Maria J Wing, Stradley Ronon LLP and Albert B Motley, Jr, Matchbook Learning
Honorees for the evening were University City Science Center—recognized as the “Stand and Deliver Award Winner”; The “Pay It Forward Scholarship Award” recognized Stephanie Chen, a 2012 graduate of Healthy Related Technologies Academy at Abraham Lincoln High School. She is currently enrolled at Temple University and is studying Neuroscience in a pre-healthy track hoping to apply to medical school.
The cocktail party fundraiser, dancing event started off with a buffet of light food and a silent auction. Then the program, after which dancing ensued. (I find these events to be a lot of fun, last week I attended the Donors are Heroes Party and it was set up the same way. No long program to sit through. In fact this year at the Rittenhouse Spring Festival Preview, there's no program at all.)
Dorothy Lemanski, Lonnie Stanley and Kim Stanley
 Chris Anticoli, Alegernong Allen, Dr. Donald Anticoli and Anne-Marie Green, CBS Anchor Up To The Minute, CBS Morning News. (I watch her at least 3 times a week, and love her show.)
Co-chairs for the evening were Ezekiel J Emanuel, Vice Provost for Global Intititives and Chair of the Dep of Medical Ethics and Healthy Policy at University of Pennsylvania, Lisa P Jackson, VP, Environmental Initiatives at Apple, and Keith Leaphart, President of Replica Creative
 A few of the guests sporting the geek glasses handed out
 Mayor Michael Nutter singing "Rappers Delight" with Nash
 Michael and Joy Harris

Philadelphia Academies, Inc. (PAI) is a nonprofit youth development organization working to change life outcomes for kids using first-of-its-kind career academies. The mission of Philadelphia Academies, Inc. is to expand life and economic options for Philadelphia public school students through career-focused programming that prepares young people for employment and post-secondary education.

 Connie Majka, Director, Learning and Innovation at Philadelphia Academies and Lia Mastrogiacomo
 Entertainment was provided by Nash and DJ Jamica El
 Scott Mirkin, (back row, 2nd from left) and his team ESM PRODUCTIONS
They produce some of the most prestigious events in the City
 Kafi Lindsay and Dominique Casimer
 Desiree Peterkin Bell, Mayor's Dir. Of Communications and City Representative and Brian Bell.
 Desiree is wearing the most adorable dress from Bettie Page, which is on Walnut Street.
 Paul Nye and Jerry Hofer - Happy27th Anniversay.
A few years ago Paul participated in a sleep study, to see if he had sleep apnea. Everyone knows that's my new battle cry since it can seriously interrupt your life. Did you know you can take a test at home to see if you suffer from this silent killer, ok it's not so silent for your bed-mate though.
Haniyyah Sharpe

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The second annual Spring at The Mansion at the Philadelphia Art Alliance is just around the corner on May 2nd. Start the evening off at 6pm for cocktails and dinner in The Mansion or start the evening at 8pm for the Young Friends party outside by Rittenhouse Square! Fashion photographer, Suni Silvan, stopped by The Mansion to photograph some of the Young Friend committee members. See what outfits the committee members might wear to the event, then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win two Young Friends admission tickets (party by Rittenhouse Square from 8-10pm)!

Young Friends Event Co-Chairs

Jeffrey Devine and Randyl Case

Young Friends Committee Members
Haley Samsi and Ian Michael Crumm

FRIDAY, MAY 02, 2013
2nd Annual Spring at The Mansion
6-7pm: Cocktails
7-9pm: Dinner in The Mansion
9-10pm: Dessert Lounge
General Admission: $350 per person
Benefactor: $750 per person

**New Addition**
Young Friends Party 8-10pm
Young Friends: $75 per person

 Makeup by: Maggie King Makeup Artistry  

Hair by: Rachel Paules

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Special thanks to Knit Wit, Jax Boutique and CMMP (Commonwealth Proper) 
for loaning clothes for the shoot. 
Ian's green tie is from Men In Cities (a friend's company from NYC )

Event Chairpersons: Nicole A. Cashman & Nigel T. Richards
For questions or sponsorship opportunities, please contact