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I apologize for missing posts this week on I’ve been shooting events day and night, but the good news is the intense schedule of Fall Social Season is coming to an end on Monday. Intense means events I’m hired to shoot fall to one a day, then about 4 a week until Spring Social Season which begins in March. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a busy season like this, which is a blessing. I often do each blog entry daily, and they’re not scheduled ahead. Perhaps after a decade I should look into such a time saving method. To keep up to date with me follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I hope to return to blogging begining on Monday. Today, Thursday, I have 3 events and a dinner. The first event begins at 7:30AM. Yesterday I shot two events, and I was awake until 215am creating columns.

Thanks for understanding. This won’t happen again. I feel like I’ve let you down.


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Creed 2, 17 Bridges, and Bradley Cooper – A Star Studded Weekend in Phillywood

Creed 2, 17 Bridges, and Bradley Cooper – A Star Studded Weekend in Phillywood

The cast of Creed 2 was in town this weekend for a press junket.  Michael B Jordan, Dolph Lundgren, Tessa Thompson, Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu and director Steve Caple, Jr. were breathing the same air as us….. Photo Credit: Bernetta Ayers
* Friday night: They all went to the Sixers game. Tessa Thompson rang the Sixers bell.
Dr Thanuja Hamilton selfie on Instagram
Update: See all of Thanuja’s photos in their glory at’s Entertainment column
* Saturday they popped into a screening of Creed 2 at UA Riverview where some of the crew who worked on the movie attended as well as invited guests. They told the crowd that Philly was so good to them of course, cause Philadelphia is the co-star in the movie. The cast made their way around the theater as much as possible to pose for photos.
*The cast then headed to Vernick for dinner, before ending the night at Scarpetta for a nightcap.

Michael B Jordan and Frankie Musser, Jr.
Back at their hotel I hear they posed for quite a few fans as well.

Creed II opens November 21st – my friends tell me it’s wonderful

Bradley Cooper was in town this weekend. I obtained permission for the girl who posted a photo on instagram to use it on Fox 29. (Photo credit: Emma Atkinson)

Saturday: Bradley Cooper attended the annual GA-PC Day between arch rivals Germantown Academy and Penn Charter.  The event was held at Cooper’s alama matter  Germantown Academy, he posed for photos with a lot of the students.

Saturday night: Cooper was at Gypsy Blu in Ambler, Pa for his 25th reunion with the class of 1993.

The movie 17 Bridges is winding down with only about 3 weeks left of filming. This past week they were filming a lot of subway scenes, mostly in North Philly. Over the weekend they returned to Center City where they filmed on 16th Street between Sansom and Chestnut Streets. Then on Market St last night,
even changing this subway station to say 23rd Street in NYC – Subway Line 7.

Then it was back to Market Street for more scenes like this, which I shot last Sunday night at the same time.

Just so you know Philly, like 17 Bridges, when you see Creed 2 you will discover that Philly doubled for many locations in that movie as well. I dont want to spoil it but Philly doubles for Moscow, New York City, Las Vegas and California where Creed, Jr. and his family live.  Philadelphia the City benefits from these movies being filmed here financially as well as employing many locals.

Thanks to the  Greater Philadelphia Film Office as well as  Pennsylvania Film Industry Association for creating PhillyWood.

Katie Griffin Casting

Katie Griffin Casting

Parx Casino

Parx Casino


4th Philadelphia Zoo hosted its Annual Global Conservation Gala – Photos & Decor

4th Philadelphia Zoo hosted its Annual Global Conservation Gala

On Thursday October 4th Philadelphia Zoo hosted its Annual Global Conservation Gala, an iconic event that honors extraordinary people doing extraordinary things for wildlife and the world.  The theme of this year’s Gala, held at the Zoo, was water and the importance this critical natural element is to life in general. Honorees at the Gala included a forward-thinking environmentalist, Thomas Dolan IV, who received The Conservation Impact Award and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, an organization that has reversed the trajectory of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat, a species once close to extinction, awarded the Global Conservation Award. The honorees were celebrated their outstanding work, incredible passion, and unwavering dedication to conservation.

It was a beautiful evening despite the dreary rainy weather which has daunted our area for the past year.
Every year the Zoo’s Mary Love and her team really hit the mark when creating the decor and atmosphere of the gala

Hey Bea
Usually the cocktail party would take place among the beautifully landscaped grounds, but because of the “on brand” rain, we all joked it was, the cocktail party was moved inside under the grand tent where dinner took place.

Since its inception in 2010, the Zoo’s Global Conservation Gala has honored individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, and achievement in the world of conservation. It has also advanced the Zoo’s mission to connect people with wildlife, create joyful discovery and inspire action for animals.  This year’s Gala, co-chaired by Holly and Orlando Esposito and Patti Owens and Jeff Saltz, had more than 500 attendees and is the largest fundraising event for the Zoo.

Philadelphia Zoo Board Member Dale Presitipino and wife TraceyPresitipino.

Global Conservation Gala attendee Shaina Hamilton and husband Philadelphia Zoo Board Member Nat Hamilton

Philadelphia Zoo President & CEO, Vikram H Dewan, Philadelphia ZooBoard Member Joanna M. Lewis, Philadelphia Zoo Chairman of the Board, F. William McNabb III

Global Conservation Gala attendees Meredith and Sheri Swinney-Donley

Aicha Ly and Kernika Gupta

Jason Cevera, Rachel Cevera, Sonni Barma, Adam Kohn, Jody M. Lewis and Diana Ramsey

Philadelphia Zoo Gala Event Co-Chairs Jeff Saltz, Patti Owens, Global Conservation Awardee Vikash Tatayah, Conservation Director Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Philadelphia Zoo Gala Co-Chairs, Orlando Esposito, Holly Esposito