Monday, November 24, 2014

Manita Burrito, Fairmount’s newest burrito joint, Intimate Dinner Party

Manita Burrito, Fairmount’s newest burrito joint, had their VIP grand opening preview on November 12, 2014 at Mugshots Coffeehouse, where they’ll be taking over the kitchen every Thursday-Saturday for dinner.

 At the intimate party, the guests mingled around bowls of housemade chips and guacamole. Guests enjoyed a variety of bite-sized burritos, including chorizo, chicken, beef, carnitas, and more.

Chef Michael O’Halloran (r) (also of Bistro 7 on N3RD St.) and managing partner Noam Kugelmass (L) circulated through the crowd, introducing themselves to the new Fairmount patrons. The once “pop-up” shop is nicknamed the “Casa del Freekeh Burrito” after the signature menu item – a burrito filled with an ancient super grain called freekeh. Manita Burrito started dishing out their locally-sourced and organic cuisine earlier this month and is now open for business every weekend for dinner.

 Linda Berger and Sue Boehan
 Megan Lunny and Alex Coll – Cashman & Associates
 KYW’s Hadas Kuznitz and husband Dan Reinherz with son Geffin Reinherz
Guests enjoying Tacos, Quesadillas, Ensaladas at the Manita Burrito takeover at Mugshots Coffeehouse.
 Laura Krebs – Cashman & Associates and  Jacklin Rhoads – Cashman & Associates
 I ate entirely too much at the event, the food is delicious!!
 Danny Cevallos (CNN) and  Rebecca Ganim
 Liz Whitman,  Amanda Hill, Jenna Fisher and Brittany Boswell

 Jeff Kralik, The Drunken Cyclist

Kate Marlys, Michelle Boyles and Victoria Lam

A stylish crowd came out to celebrate ellelauri's grand opening of their new flagship store in Center City.

Exclusive women's apparel brand  ellelauri celebrated the grand opening of their new flagship store, located on 114 South 19th Street last week and some of Philly's most beautiful,  stylish, young social gals were on hand to check out the latest fashions and enjoy the evening.

 Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor cuts the ribbon with ellelauri founder Liz Rymar. There's no one that has worked harder than Alan Greenberger to bring new business to Philadelphia, he's the deputy mayor of commerce as well as City Planning.

 Good Day Philadelphia’s Alex Holley models a new Fall/Winter ellelauri fashion design.We had a great time Saturday night at the Please Touch Museum for Little Stars.
 ellelauri staffers Amanda Campfield and Erin Callaghan.
 Beth Rymar, Liz Rymar, and George Rymar.
 DJ Adrian Hardy and Sarah Cossa.
 Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger and ellelauri founder Liz Rymar.

 Celebrity Chef Jennifer Carroll models new ellelauri fashions.

 Michelle Boyles and Randyl Case
 NBC10 Reporter and Anchor Keith Jones and ellelauri founder Liz Rymar.
 Miss Philadelphia Diamond Edmonds and 6ABC’s Melissa Magee.
 Good Day Philadelphia’s Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick with Liz Rymar.

 Amanda Ryan and Lauren Hughes from
10% of all sales from the evening went to
 Kristina Jenkins, editor of Uwishunu (I would say Uwishunu is the number one site to see what's going on in Philly, illustrated. It's a must read.) and Alex Walsh of Neff Associates PR.

 Kate Maryls and Lexie LaCava from the Bronzed Bee.
 Allaire Corbett, Brittany Corbett, and Liz Rymar.

 Joshua Jenkins, Kristina Jenkins, and Nicole Paloux.

 Joseph Lentini, SignaCurl and Liz Rymar.
 Marthe Mbuy, ‎Judicial Law Clerk at City of Philadelphia and Liz Rymar.

 Ann Marie O’Shea, Liz Rymar, and George Rymar.

 DJ Adrien Hardy. He'll be one of three DJ's spinning at New Year's Eve at the Piazza on 12/31/14 - Check out info here

 A nice crowd was on hand to celebrate the opening.
 Starla Keith and Kent Keith.
David Neff, President & Chief Brand Strategist at Neff & Associates, Liz Rymar, and George Rymar.

You can find all this fashion fun at two locations:
114 South 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
1625 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Small Business Saturday Promotion

ellelauri will provide a 10% discount on all merchandise and a gift with purchase for all shoppers on Small Business Saturday.
Valid through November 29, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Photos From GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon 2014

Photos From GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon 2014
 This was the first time I photographed the Philadelphia Marathon since I attended to cheer on my brother 5 years ago.
 The set up was amazing, lots of layers of security, good information on how the race is run. 

The Marathon starts off with the Elite Runners first, then they feed in a dozen corrals of runners holding 300++ runners each. Then they start off with the half marathon runners about 20 minutes later. And feed the racetrack the same way, that way all the runners are paced out and not on top of each other. In this video you hear Mayor Mike giving words of encouragement as he goes for the Guinness Book of Record's for the most high fives.

 This is the orange corral getting into place, they would walk in unison from say near the Art Museum, to the starting line where I was standing. (No that women is not smoking a long cigarette, that is just the line in the road.)
 This is kinda fascinating. these volunteers are picking up the discarded sweatshirts of the runners at the starting line.

 They are put into the trashbags and then donated to homeless shelters, and underserved communities.
As for the runners other stuff, these UPS trucks were originally parked closer to the Art Museum Steps.

 It was there that the runners checked their bags in, which might contain warmer clothes, cell phone, and other essentials needed after the race. The UPS trucks then lined up here at the end of the finish line for the pick up of these items in alphabetized fashion per truck. (They thought of everything.)
I liked the clever signs.

Gore-Tex had a sign making area too.

Kiprono Kurgat, (l) won the 13.1-mile half marathon race with an unofficial time of 1:03:58 greets the Etaferahu Temesgen, (r) who won first place by a women, with an unofficial time of 1:12:48.

 I missed the first man crossing the Marathon Finish Line as I realized I was on the wrong side of the street, where the half marathoner's ran in. To cross the street I had to walk 2 blocks south at 20th Street, but I did catch the first women crossing the finish line  Leonora Petrina of Bayport, N.Y. with a time of 1:12:48.

 Runners get their medals at the finish line.

 They also take selfies.

 I love the people who can run a whole race holding an American Flag
 Or wearing a cowboy hat

 His lucky Mike Vick jersey.

 Never tutu much

 Puppy purse
  Leonora Petrina the women's winner of the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon.
(I think he's doing Movember too. (bottom right)
Gov Elect Tom Wolf, Mayor Nutter, Desiree Peterkin Bell (City Rep) and the women winners at top with the men at the bottom. 

 Look for me I'll be in the blue wig!
 Or if you were a runner, look for me we will be wearing what looks like candy on my head
 Or perhaps we'll have your head on sticks as you run by