17 Favorite Photos of 2017 From Hot PA Guy to Carson Wentz

I like to post the best of 2017 photos in 2018, when more of you are at your desk. Here goes….

Hot Production Assistant Guy on M Night Shyamalan’s movie Glass. The photo went VIRAL and his story was picked up by the Metro, who even did a Q&A with him. His now in Atlanta, assisting on another movie making hearts flutter.

Sunday another hot guy I made famous, is getting married. Geoff Pierce met his future wife Samantha Keenan, in directly from my write up, they tell me.

The winner for the best dressed for the 90s party at the Phila Flower Show, which is coming up again in a few
weeks March 3 – March 11

The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Gala 2017, this year they’re honoring Eddie Tully. Tickets on sale now.

Jenna Communications had a clever hook to promote The Plaza Grande Showcases the Revitalization of the Historical Garden State Park Racetrack in a Media Tour. They brought in a former horse jockey who rode at Garden State Park, to chat about the good old days. He rode a horse in the “dog park” on the new site, which used to be where the stables were. It was great visuals and made for some interesting stories while still promoting the 55plus housing.
Lynsie and Evan Solomon’s wedding in Anguila. Great time. Sad face this restaurant was destroyed in hurricane Irma.
Event of the year – Marian Anderson Award with legends Dionne Warwick, Kenny Gamble and Clive Davis.

The wedding of Chris Konopka and Maria Papadakis
Erica Lee and Rodney McLeod Jr. at Zarwin Baum’s March Madness

Ron Harper, Elaine I. Grobman and Frank Giordano at The Pink Tie Ball

Trish Gohl, founder of No Dog Gets Left Behind with a dog that will be paired with a veteran.
Snow, it was beautiful, and very unusual to happen in December. Now I am ready for Spring. I was in Florida this past week
so hopefully when I return home to Philly tonight it won’t be anything like this.
Loved this Safian & Rudolph engagement contest, as well as their & Bench

Thank you M Night for having me as one of your house photographers for Shyamaween 2017 what a dream come true. Here’s a story I did on CBSPhilly as well as the photos at the bottom of article.

Yasmina Moukarzel, John Giordano – The New York Times

Have their marriage reception at the Academy of Music

The Rittenhouse Square/Philly Style Mag Gang all grown up – 10 fabulous years of photographing their lives

Fly Eagles Fly, Carson Wentz films a series of commercials for NRG. I was the house photographer for the afternoon.



2017: Best Party of the Year Was…..

There were a lot of great parties in 2017, but the 2017: Best Party of the Year WAS Philly Chit Chat celebrates 10 Years 2007 – 2017/ The party was held at Aqimero by Richard Sandoval at the Ritz – Carlton(THANKS).  I tried to keep the number reasonably, and the party not super crowded, something under 275; which we got to fairly quickly as nearly everyone on the initial list said yes, so there was no wiggle room. It was stressful cause I forgot  a dozen or so people who were important in my 10 years, and I tried to add a few as I went along.

YearMetro Philly

Which by the way is how the invite list was created. Friends, family and more than 200 people that I had been photographing for more than 6 years. Many of those people let me into their lives, and chronicle it. A decade ago, even 5 years ago, there was as many events as there are today. In the beginning of PhillyChitChat I covered a lot of Friday bar nights, Saturday birthday parties, trolling restaurants, bars and relying on tipsters and businesses to fill me in on where the celebrities were so I could go and wait outside their establishments for a good shot.

Thanks to Mainline Society Photographer Joan Bang for sending me the photos used in this blog post.



I asked my guests to make a suggested donation to AFSP Greater Philadelphia
Save A Life Gala 2018 Honoring Eddie Tully

Karen Block, (in purple) my college friend who I hadn’t seen in 20 years before this night. She’s recently moved into town and we
are reunited and it feels so good. We get along much better now than when we failed gym cause we were bad ping pong partners.
Yes seriously we met in ping pong class, and there was a class like that, probably because we didn’t have a tennis team.


Year Year Year
Thanks to the City for a Proclamation and to Visit Philly for the XOXO We Love Philly Chit Chat framed LOVE LETTER.
Very sweet.Year
My family






Thanks to Southern Wine & Spirits, and Brad Waxman. Denise Fike for illustrations. Clique Cam

Lynsie Solomon my event planner. She did an amazing job.



James Duggan and Thom Cardwell – my first mentors
Founders of qFLIX Philadelphia: Home FestivalYear Year Year Year Year Year
Thank you for being a friend, supporter and subjects of PhillyChitChat
More photos at PhillyStyleMag and additional ones ran in Philly Mag
We raised over $6,000 from people who attended as well as many generous supporters.
Thank You!!

Del Friscoes

Del Friscoes

Replica Creative

Replica Creative


Around Main Line Hosts Mingle at Mistral

Around Main Line Hosts Mingle at Mistral’s has begun to host King of Prussia parties again! First up a party at Mistral KoP on Thursday, December 28th, 2017. Guests enjoyed a festive, fun get together at ‘Mingle at Mistral’, a holiday cocktail party celebrating the season and terrific culinary talents of the team at Mistral.

Kimberly Bowden and Jennifer Shields

Vir Anand, Jessica Willingham, Orlando Hankins and Monique Foster

Sarah Lockard, Around Mainline and Melissa Leonard, ie women about town

Carla Antinone, One Bite Delight – Carla’s Cake Pops, Kylee Pedrosa, Health Coach at Corporate Health Partners, Max Rotondo, SEI Investments Company and Melissa Leonard, Coldwell Banker Preferred

Sabir M Peele, Brand Consultant & Founder at Men’s Style Pro


More photos will be in next weeks Liberty City Press found in newspapers ie PGN, Al Dia, The Sun and China Star


January Galas: Academy Ball and Hair of the Dog Dress Suggestions

There are two big galas coming up in the next 2 week. The Hair of the Dog affectionately known as HOD is January 20 and the Academy of Music 161st Anniversary Concert and Ball on January 27. People always ask me what should they wear when they attend these galas. I have a few examples from my “Best Dressed List” of both parties last year. (Need a Tux or White Tie, head to MenWearhouse on 1600 block Chestnut Street. For you guys going to Academy, we have a group number set up. Anyone will do, but if Will Speed is there, ask for him. -Ad)
First up is the Academy Ball.

The Academy Ball is a White Tie Gala. The most gallant, and strictest in criteria for dress.


For women it means formal, floor length evening gown, best jewels and often women will wear gloves. For men it’s black tail coat (not a white one like I originally thought the first time I went, opps) matching pants with a single satin or braid stripe, a white wing collar shirt, a white vest or white pique’ waist coat, studs and a white bow tie. Black shoes.

Not the correct bow tie or vest Mr Short



This duo is always on my best dressed list at a lot of parties,
but in this case his shoes may not be appropriate for a White Tie Gala


Hair of the Dog is a Black Tie event


Formal evening gown or dress, or dressy cocktail dress. Males: Black tuxedo jacket, matching trousers, formal (pleated front or pique’) white shirt, black (silk, satin) bow tie, black cummerbund to match tie, optional suspenders, black patent shoes, black dress socks.


Jen Sherlock’s gown is perfect for either gala, although too much of a “nude” panel would not be acceptable at Academy Ball, while Jen’s friend cute cocktail dress is perfect for HOD

Vivian’s gown is perfect for HOD, and would be ok for the Academy Ball.
It’s gorgeous!!

These dresses are perfect for the HOD

Definitely adorable for HOD

Gorgeous gown, but the Academy Ball frowns on too much breast, where at HOD we celebrate it.
Hopefully these examples will give you an idea of what is appropriate for each event.

Katie Griffin Casting

Katie Griffin Casting

Parx Casino

Parx Casino


LOVE PARK Returns – Here’s What I Know So Far…

LOVE PARK Returns – Here’s What I Know So Far…

Welcome to the Sunday edition of PhillyChit Chatter, read it here every Sunday and Thursday – it’s a little fun gossip, info and what’s going on around town. The last time I was at Love Park was during the Christmas Village.

The park was still under construction, but despite a few hiccups the market thrived and was packed everyday. Hope you got one of those Wisconsin cheese sandwiches. If you looked closely you could see the hint of greatness with the new paving blocks, quite different than the flagstone used before Love Park was renovated.

construction continued.

One of the sections of the park completed was this lawn. See those two evergreen trees, next year the City won’t need to buy a Christmas Tree for Love Park they can just decorate them.

I was really excited to see what Love Park looked like after the village cabins were removed, but then it snowed. Finally Friday it rained and melted the snow revealing the beautiful park (I’m off to Florida this week so I didn’t have time to get sunny shots as I would have liked as time was getting short.)  The land is cleaned and leveled. I can’t wait to see the centerpiece fountain turned on as well as the “arch” ones, which are smaller ones located in the “horseshoe” design you see here; giving Dilworth Park a run for it’s money with kids cooling off.

One thing we hope you won’t see is skateboarders, although some have been spotted testing out the park, I hear soon there will be security 24/7 keeping the park safe, clean and friendly for pedestrians, while also directing the skateboarders to the lovely park built for them closer to the Art Museum – Franklin’s Skate Park

I love the steps that line the north side of the park, which have corrugated pavers making it quite a bumpy ride for skateboarding.

Also new at Love Park, is the InterPark garage ie Love Park Garage at 1501 John F Kennedy Blvd has been updated with a glass cube, sorta like the Apple Cube in NYC on 57th Street, or the glass cube on top of the Phila Art Museum parking garage. It’s much more attractive, bright, easier to pay and convenient to reach your parked car now. No more climbing down the dingy steps.

Next to the garage is the decomposed granite (DG) park, there will be a lot of seating arrangements in this area. DG is an ideal hardscape material: natural, permeable, aesthetically versatile, and

often used as transition material to introduce landscaping and wild gardens.

Don’t judge the emptiness of Love Park today, as the furnishings all arrived,nor been placed. These pieces are examples of some
of the furnishing to expect.

The sight-lines are magnificent for people watching.
I imagine events will be held in the newly designed space, as they are at Dilworth Park.

The saucer building is being renovated for an eatery, not a welcome center as previously thought. I hear that they haven’t picked a food vendor yet and will  be doing an RFP soon.
When I mentioned it to Jennifer Logue, Metro Philly Saturday night, she thought it be perfect to call it the Love Cafe, maybe Stephen Starr could have it as an outpost for his new Love eatery in Rittenhouse Sq., I like it!!

I’m so excited, as the City is as well, that we’re going to have another beautiful park.

The sculpture of LOVE, newly painted red, and purple on it’s underside, returns to a new pedestal  just days before Valentine’s Day in February; just in time for all those engagements to happen. XOXOXO