Pixs: The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons hosted the 2017 Official Draft Party of the Philadelphia 76ers

The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons in Northern Liberties hosted the 2017 Official Draft Party of the Philadelphia 76ers last week, Thursday, June 22 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fans were invited to watch the 2017 NBA Draft broadcast live on the Piazza’s 400-square-foot HD LED screen.

DSC_0010 (Custom)

The Sixers held the third overall pick in addition to four second-round selections.



While they watched the Draft on the big screen, guests enjoyed appearances by Sixers legends, mascot Franklin, Sixers Dancers and more. The party also featured a live DJ, trivia contests, vendors, a silent auction, and food and drink specials from restaurants within the Piazza.


Joshua Zameska(El Camino)

Diana Zaccagnini, Michael Strauss, and Theresa Carvalho of Mikes BBQ Philly

Diana Zaccagnini, Michael Strauss, and Theresa Carvalho of Mikes BBQ Philly

piazza DSC_0460 (Custom) DSC_0449 (Custom) DSC_0320 (Custom)


Alex Rahmanan, Sixers, Adam Sekeloick and Dom Staino

DSC_0248 (Custom) DSC_0037 (Custom) DSC_0099 (Custom)

Ali Kobeissi, Crabby's Cafe

Ali Kobeissi, Crabby’s Cafe

Laila Davids, Bleu martini

Laila Davids, Bleu martini

Meghan Coyle, Ron Zanbtrch and Chelsea Coyle

Meghan Coyle, Ron Zanbtrch and Chelsea Coyle

DSC_0169 (Custom)

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson


“We’re excited to support the Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons with the Official Draft Party of the Philadelphia 76ers,” Chris Heck, the Sixers’ chief sales and marketing officer, said in a release. “Our fans in Philadelphia have tremendous pride and passion for this team, and we’re looking forward to an incredible atmosphere in Northern Liberties on Draft Night.”

Check out for the minute by minute exciting coverage and a few more photos of the event.

Congrats to the folks at Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons and Aversa Pr for an excellent event. Thanks to PhillyChitChat’s Andre Flewellen for the shots.

Vacation Plans: The Brand New Parking Spot 2 is Now Open at PHL Airport

Vacation Plans: The Brand New Parking Spot 2 is Now Open at PHL Airport

Good Tuesday morning. It’s summer and I know you are all traveling to fun exotic places near and far. A few weeks ago Mike and I headed to Alaska for our Cabot Cheese Cruise. I’ll be writing about that soon I promise. Some of you know we went bird watching at Tinicum Park/John Heinz Wildlife Refuge about a month ago. On our way back to Rt 95 towards Philly we passed this cute parking lot called – The Parking Spot. We decided we would use this one on our trip this time. The buses were eye catching, and I saw they had a membership parking card.  Since I got over my fear of flying this year, I think I need a membership to a PHL parking spot. We like to park our car at the airport when we travel. Coincidentally the Parking Spot reached out to me about the same time to explore what they had to offer. Now that is serendipitous. I covered the Grand Opening of the Parking Spot 2, which is a covered parking to protect your car from the elements.

HD1_7932 (Custom)

The Parking Spot Officials at the Ribbon Cutting of the Parking Spot 2
Frank McCann, Thom Zak,
Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer; Sam Londres, Kevin J. Shrier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Eric Bergman, Jim Pio, Sales Manager at The Parking Spot and Yves Agustin
HD1_8040 (Custom)

The Parking Spot 2 protects up to 1500 cars from the elements. It is well lit, fenced in and secured 24/7.
The Parking Spot is more than just a space to park your car. We focus on hospitality, making it easy, comfortable and affordable to get a superior airport parking experience. Founded in 1998, The Parking Spot is the leading near-airport parking company in the United States with 38 locations at 21 airports. (source)


NewAfter the ribbon cutting there was a lunch for the  the Philadelphia Business Travel Association which Jim Pio, The Parking Spot, is president.
Jim Pio
and the ladies from Ricoh USA

HD1_7970 (Custom)

Michael Farrel, Fox World Travel, Adrienne Ralph, AAA, and Brian St. Leger, AAA

HD1_7945 (Custom)Amanda Trepanowski, Sonesta; Thom Zak; Alyssa Comunale, Sonesta; Michael Fitzgerald, Ave Mulway, Joe Barton, GPTA

HD1_7955 (Custom)
Lani, Stacey Confer, AVE Malvern, and Ava Pachel, AVE Malvern (A Korman property)

HD1_7949 (Custom)

Karen Jablonski, Blank Rome and Bernadette Polson, American Airlines

Jim Pio greets the guests
Jeff Guaracino from Welcome America, Inc talks about upcoming exciting events happening for July 4th.

Kyle Brown, The Parking Spot
HD1_8063 (Custom)

Joe Barton, Cornerstone Government Affairs


The Parking Spot had the local charity Jenna Priore, Camp Kesem stop by and give a talk on their camp for kids. Then the Parking Spot made a generous donation to them.

HD1_8000 (Custom)Speaking of the Parking Spot 2, here’s what the covered lot looks like; very clean, well marked, high ceilings and with skylights.

6-27-2017 9-49-43 AM (Custom)

As I mentioned in the beginning of the entry, Mike and I used the facility when we went to Alaska a few weeks ago. The driver was nice enough for me to grab this shot on our way out, he probably thought I was crazy. I told him I was capturing my vacation from the beginning to the end. Seriously how great is the branding?
Here’s two very important things to remember when planning your vacation

  • Make a reservation on the Parking Spot website

    We’ll save you a spot!

    Sign up for a Spot Club account to waive your reservation fee. Also, lookout for an email from The Parking Spot the day before your arrival for detailed instructions.

  • Download the Parking Spot App (which keeps track of everything)

    Manage your Spot Club account and track your shuttle.

    Download the Parking Spot App and sign into your account to view your reservation details learn more.




The buses are really clean, and they had seat belts which I loved. The drivers are very friendly and helped us with our bags on and off. They also asked about our vacation plans. When you park your car, the driver picks you up at your car, and gives you a card that states what spot your car is parked at. When you return, you give it to the shuttle bus driver and he takes you to your car.

I was very impressed with the ease of use. Makes me want to travel more this year, if only Mike wasn’t nearly out of vacation days.

I didn’t know it when I parked there, but there’s an app you can download to see where the buses are when your plane arrives and you’re ready to go back to your car, and you can notify them through the app that you are waiting at a shuttle stop. When we went out we saw we had just missed

You can also call the dispatcher like we did, and the bus came within 5 minutes.  It was 630am, and the driver could not have been more pleasant. He told us about how the shuttles constantly circle the arrival area looking for the Parking Spot customers, so that no one has to wait long

HD1_7995 (Custom)

Here’s instructions on how to reserve parking, download the app and make everything really easy. The ride back to the Parking Spot 2 was 5 minutes. Mike Timed it as I know you’re not surprised by that. I felt like it was the closest one. It certainly was the easiest one to get find, and get on the highway from. In January it was foggy, and we could not find the one we used to use. The GPS was wonky and we ended up no where near it. I really panicked. I guess that’s why we were in the market for a new parking spot, the other one was further away. I find the Parking Spot to be much more convenient. Plus you can sign up for a membership, collect points towards free parking. Also this summer, they have an opening special for parking. Definitely try them out. Here’s the Link.

I completely forgot to tell you about the bottle water they give out to their customers when they check out of the parking spot. It’s much appreciated, the air in the plane is dehydrating

(This blog post was sponsored by the Parking Spot)

The opinions and shotty writing are my own.

Del Friscoes

Del Friscoes

Replica Creative

Replica Creative


Jon Dorenbos Gets Married, Why Was The Bounty Hunter and Donnie Wahlberg in Town and More Fun Tidbits

Jon Dorenbos Gets Married, Why Was The Bounty Hunter and Donnie Wahlberg in Town and More Fun Tidbits

Sunday June 25, 2017 time is flying by. How gorgeous was yesterday. I covered the Boyz II Men street naming event and will have photos and behind the scenes coverage for you tomorrow. In the meantime here’s today’s Philly Gossip/Around Philly happenings. Can you believe it the July 4th Weekend is next weekend. OK get out today and enjoy it, it’s going to be a beaut’ as dad would always say.



 Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos married longtime girlfriend Annelise Dale on the beaches of Mexico June 17. The duo told me last year they met in Las Vegas in 2015, and have been inseparable ever since.  Dorenbos, who is set to enter a record breaking 12th season as the Eagles long-snapper.  Congrats you two. This is an epic shot I pulled off Jon’s instagram.
6-24-2017 10-40-34 PM (Custom)
Yesterday Fox 29’s Dave Kinchen ran into the Dog Bounty Hunter outside the Ritz Hotel on Broad Street. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and wife, Beth Chapman, are in town as they’re appearing in Trenton today for a Community Town Hall Meeting on Bail Reform in New Jersey. Pastor Dorion Morgan, who is hosting the Chapmans at his church on Sunday, the Restoration Station Christian Fellowship Church, is a criminal defense attorney who has seen this unconstitutional side of the bail reform. (source)
jonBefore heading to the Wells Fargo Center to perform in the NKOB, Boyz II Men, and Paula Abdul concert, Donnie Wahlberg headed to the Piazza and his family’s namesake eatery Wahlburger’s. He met contest winners from IHeartMedia and filmed a segment for his families reality tv show on A&E.

His band mate Danny Wood, worked out at Planet Fitness in South Philly yesterday afternoon. Seems it was back, biceps and abs day according to his twitter.

Former Miss Philadelphia Ryann Richardson, moved to DC a few years back. She participated in the Miss DC USA 2017 pageant and came in 2nd. When Miss DC 2017 was chosen as Miss USA earlier this year, Ryann became Miss DC USA 2017. Next Saturday she will be officially crowned. Interestingly enough, this same scenario happened last year with Miss DC 2016 being picked as Miss USA 2016. Jon
Another winner is Ashley Taylor, who owns DFTI Boutique on Chestnut Street. She won Best Women’s Boutique 2017. Congrats are also in order for Kory Aversa, who had 12 clients who won in their best of categories. Jon
Philly Style Magazine was recently bought by Modern Luxury. Which is a privately held company represented many luxury brand magazines. Expect more of the best of the beautiful, as well as photos by me. Jon
This month I have a few columns in Philly Style including this great shot that Kevin Hart gave me at the Arts + Business Council Awards last month.  Don’t forget Kevin Hart Day is coming in in Philly on July 6 and the actor/comedian will be back in town. Stay with Philly Chit Chat for updates. Jon
Also in the issue is my new bff in my head, Kristen Alderson. You may recall her from her years on One Life To Live as Starr Manning. I was a serious fan boy. I was so right, she is the sweetest person, kind and generous as is her brother Eddie and mom Kathy. So glad to get to know them. 6-22-2017 10-02-28 AM (Custom)

Talk about sweet and kind, Congrats to matchmaker Steve Ward and Madison Pard on their upcoming nuptials. 6-24-2017 10-23-34 PM (Custom)

Congrats to Fox 29’s Alissa Frick and Tony Frick, Manna Board President on their upcoming production. So adorable.6-24-2017 10-44-12 PM (Custom)
Yesterday I saw the most beautiful bride on the Art Museum Steps, but couldn’t grab a shot from my speeding car. So I looked up photos of who was on the steps yesterday and found this interesting story of a girl biking across the country for charity.
I’m just a simple gal on two wheels with restless legs.   My name is Marisol Gomez.  Some call me an extremist, but I just like to push my limits.   Having played competitive sports most of this life, my aspirations continue to flourish.  For the last five years, I have thought about riding a bicycle cross-country.  When a friend told me he and his wife had bicycled from Long Beach, CA, to Long Beach, NY, it really got my gears turning.”
6-24-2017 11-09-02 PM (Custom)

Then there was this cute sketch of the city from the steps, including the scaffalding around City Hall. It’s been 8 weeks, I hope it’s done by July 4. I should write someone and find out.6-10-2017 12-57-38 PM (Custom)

Hey Jillian Mele , Fox and Friends, was back in town to get her locks done by Salon Vanity’s  Edmondo Blando. He does all the anchor babes, many of them coming back in town just to get their locks done by him like former Fox 29 babe Kacie McDonnell


So long Penne restaurant and wine bar. You had a good run. Look how adorable Roberta Adamo is with her new ‘do. Wishing her a happy retirement.
We had so much fun in the early days.

Speaking of never really gone legendary Chef Georges Perrier, is now back in the kitchen as Master in Residence at Walnut Hill College. He’s teaching/mentoring the
chefs of tomorrow. That’s terrific.
OK see you tomorrow, or on instagram today.
Best HughE


Best Shots of the Week – Plus Links to Parties Shot This Week

The weather has broken, and the sun is peeking out, time for you to get out. But will lying on the beach or waiting in line at the clothing store check out these best shots of the week and click on the link to find party photos Philly Chit Chat shot. I’ve decided that every Saturday I will publish links to where you can find your photos. If by chance you’re photo didn’t make it into these publications, the photos are returned to the party planner, who may put it on their social media or might have a link to the photo for you. PhillyChitChat doesn’t sell individual photos, but is usually hired to shoot these events for media purposes.  Thanks have an awesome day.


Andre Flewellen photographed the NBA Draft on Thursday
Check out his column of shots at the Metro and the Philly Biz Journal, which will be up on Monday.

HD1_8654 (Custom)
Photos from the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 2017 Man and Women of the Year are on Philly Style Magazine

HD1_9904 (Small) (Custom)
Photos from the new Fishtown Hops can be found at Metro Philly

HD1_7682 (Custom)
Photos from the Wall Ball were published on Philly Style Magazine

Don’t forget to go through PhillyChitChat to see if your shot made my column.
Philly Mag columns are no longer online, and only publishes once a month and you can find them on news stands or hopefully your mailbox

Lots of events made it into Liberty City Press which you can find as an insert in Al Dia, PGN, The Sun and China Star at any corner newsstand
I’ll have more placements next week, which I’ll publish every Saturday.

Katie Griffin Casting

Katie Griffin Casting

Parx Casino

Parx Casino


Your Summer Spot on The Delaware River Fishtown Hops at Sugarhouse

Your Summer Spot on The Delaware River Fishtown Hops at Sugarhouse

Last night I covered the opening preview party for

HD1_9798 (Custom)

Fishtown Hops located at Sugarhouse Casino


HD1_9949 (Custom)

The iffy weather let us explore the inside and outside of the newly renovated space which used to be Sugarhouse’s restaurant Refinery, but is now a more modern, rustic beer garden/gastro pub.

HD1_9876 (Custom)

Another element I really liked about the new space was you don’t have to walk through the casino to get to it, you walk along a lovely landscaped path on the right side of the building.

HD1_9873 (Custom)

6-22-2017 12-01-17 PMThese were samples at the preview party

  • Strawberry Salad


    Spring mix, strawberries, feta cheese, sunflower seeds & strawberry Champagne vinaigrette dressing

HD1_9756 (Custom)

HD1_9825 (Custom)

HD1_9758 (Custom)

HD1_9895 (Custom)
The new menu has delicious treats like the Chilli Cheese Hot Dogs, I confess I had two.

HD1_9899 (Custom)

HD1_9920 (Custom)Wednesday through Saturday’s Fishtown Hops has happy hour with live music. Here’s the schedule

The food at the preview party were sample sizes.

  • Candied Bacon


    Smoked bacon caramelized with bourbon brown sugar glaze


Summer HD1_9736 (Custom) Summer

  • Bruschetta


    Choose 3: Brie, apples & fig spread | Burrata, bacon, arugula & tomato | Sweet & spicy pepper jam & goat cheese | Roasted peppers, arugula & garlic cream cheese | Prosciutto, figs & mascarpone | Roast beef, caramelized onions & horseradish cream cheese


HD1_9740 (Custom)

  • Mac N’ Cheese Crab Bites


    Fried mac n cheese, jumbo lump crabmeat, Old Bay® seasoning & Cajun remoulade


HD1_9742 (Custom) HD1_9812 (Custom)

HD1_9868(Custom) Summer HD1_9829 (Custom) Summer

HD1_9837 (Custom)

  • Deviled Eggs


    2 Jumbo lump crabmeat, 2 Bacon avocado, 2 Sriracha jalapeño



  • Cheese & Charcuterie


    Soppressata, salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, Fontina & smoked mozzarella cheeses, fig jam, whole grain Hennessy mustard, grapes & assorted rustic breads


HD1_9841 (Custom)

They have lots of fun games, board games, corn hole, swoosh ball and Jenga. That game always makes me flinch.

Then there’s this view which is amazing. Oh and I do like the casino too. If you follow me on Instagram Stories you’d know. I love that Party machine.