Monday, February 8, 2016

Photos: Super Bowl Sunday Social Diary

Happy Monday Morning. I'm off and running to cover a few fabulous events today and wanted to do a quick blog post.

 Sunday Mike and I headed to see my niece Ella, in her church's production of the Wizard of Oz. So adorable even if I'm biased.
 Then we headed back into Philly to go to Tommy and Amber's Annual Super Bowl Party. I've been attending for the last 4 years. They are the best hosts, and really put on a good time for their friends. I wish I could say I shot this, but Mike did. It's an epic shot of an epic good time.

 Thanks Tommy & Amber
Paul and Debbie Kelly
Hacina Saadi is back in town

Samantha Trasatti and Costa Miller
Matt and Jason serving up delicious Ela meals

Tamar and Steve Olitsky
Amber, Kate Beaver, Kathryn Wecal and Kareem's mom.

Drew Coblitz and guest
Alana Bly and Chris Prabhu Gali

Drew Milstein
 My biggest fan on the left, but I didnt have a pen to grab the name. Yikes, #PCC Fail
Mike Toub and Matt Deifer - Bodypaint.Me Studio
Matt must have gone upstairs to play pinball as Tommy and Amber

Friday, February 5, 2016

PhillyGossip: The Herremans to be Parents, Jen Carroll, Caitlyn Jenner, Bing Ang, Baby News, Susie Celek and Vince Vaughn,

Happy surprise snow Philly, well surprise if you only checked the weather before 3PM yesterday. I hope it wasn't too messy out for you. Glad I didn't go to Wing Bowl. I usually go, but I shot the Bacon Brothers fundraiser concert last night for The Rail Yard (see the photos at 5PM - Google Philly Mag The Scene and the column should come up.), anyway, last year I had a gig the night before the Wing Bowl and I pulled an all nighter to shoot the event. I just didn't want to do that this year. Here's what's happening with our friends, and the bold names of Philly.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Todd Herremans. I love how Elizabeth Herremans notified her friends.

 OK Jen Carroll doesn't live in Philly anymore, but she'll always be from Philly. Recently I mentioned she got engaged to her beau Billy Riddle, and she's prepping to open Requin DC; Requin is a French Mediterranean restaurant by chef Jennifer Carroll in partnership with chef and restaurateur Mike Isabella. Here's a behind the scenses shot of Jen being photographed for the June issue of Food and Wine.
 It was just announced that Buzz Bissinger is going to co-author a book about Caitlyn Jenner. Then it was announced last week Caitlyn Jenner will visit the University of Pennsylvania later this month for a conversation with author and Penn alumnus Buzz Bissinger next week. It's sold out that day. Caitlyn posted this shot earlier this week, you'll recognize that living room as being at her Malibu home
 Congrats to Josh Kruger. It's been a joy to watch his career blossom over the past few years.
 Just terrible news about Big Ang, from Mob Wives. After recovering from throat cancer last spring, where she noted how surprised it didn't kill her as she had been a heavy smoker; the other shoe dropped and she's now been diagnosed with Stage Four Lung and Brain Cancer. Prayers go up.
Don't call her a celebrity party crasher, but local Realtor Melissa Leonard sure has a knack for getting her photos taken with them whether it's in Philly, at Sundance or at the Super Bowl. Last night Melissa enjoyed Ron "Jaws" Jaworski's cigar party at super bowl weekend. Vince Vaughn , Coach Ditka, Ron Jaworski , Leigh Steinberg, Donovan McNabb. I wish she would take me as her photographer.

 First time he's addressed this publicly

 I asked Susie where she got this hot shirt, she said it was created just for her. It's pretty cool. Who wants one?
 Happy Heart Month
The Magnatta family at Nicole Miller shopping event last night where the funds went to the American Heart Foundation. The Red Heart Gala is Saturday night at the Marriott.

 Anne Lago's held a shopping night out for Realm jewelery at the Ritz Residences with a percentage going to support The Wistar Institute.
 Thank you to everyone who came out to support The Wistar Ambassadors tonight! A lot of new Realm Empresses were born! - Lynsie Solomon (2nd from right) I see everyone got the memo to wear black.
 Macy's Center City celebrated Black History Month with Grammy award winner Monica and actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell here with DJ Arun.
Happy Chinese New Year. Looks like this is going to go off just as the Super Bowl ends. The action starts at 10:30PM Sunday night at 10th and Race. I've gone before, it's fun. Watch out for those fireworks.

Snap Kitchen Sneak Peek & Review of Some of their Dishes PLUS Info on Today's Sneak Peek

 Snap Kitchen officially opens the doors of its first two stores (Old City and Fairmount) on Saturday, February 6th!

  • To celebrate, it’s hosting a sneak peek event in Old City during First Friday tomorrow, February 5th from 4pm to 9pm– guests can check it out, enjoy a free tote bag and special pricing!
  • An official ribbon cutting will take place Monday morning at 8:30am.  Guests who check it out before 10am will receive a free tote bag, and guests who sign up for Funds Cards will receive a $10 Comp Card!
  • Monday is the Ribbon Cutting for the Old City store at 8:30AM, stop by for delicious treats.
 Wednesday night I was invited to a sneak preview and tasting for Snap Kitchen. If you've been following me on social media you know I am very excited by them coming to Philly.
 If you've been following my career, you know I have tried a million ways to loose weight. The most successful attempts were when I had personal chefs who prepared fresh meals like the ones Snap Kitchen prepares. Unfortunately their costs were very high and Mike's head would explode everytime I told him how much I was paying. So lately I've been traveling to Wegman's Cherry Hill to buy these types of meals.
Their story:
Since 2010, we (Snap Kitchen) have worked hard to create a place for people to experience consciously crafted food that is both delicious and nutritious. We are dedicated to educating our guests and providing healthy, chef-driven creations prepared with the highest quality ingredients available. Our menu offers a wide selection of meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices that are made fresh daily, portion controlled, and nutritionally balanced.
A Philly first, Snap Kitchen has rebranded their business, their packaging, the stores and how they set up the meals on the shelf AND they have debuted it here in Philly first. The meals are color coded with the above color/logos. The meals that are Vegan/Vegetarian are green, Poultry is yellow, seafood is deep sea blue and meat is red. Makes sense right.
The meals are shelved according to their calorie content, with the least amount of calories at the top, I guess so you can stretch ie exercise a bit to reach them.
3 sizes, 3 prices from $7 - $13

Who doesn't like homemade soup
Delicious desserts, definitely not on my diet.

Ohh kinda expensive at $5.49
Hmmm chocolate chip cookies
The desserts are located on the bottom shelves, as they pack the most calories for punch.
 Chicken & Green Chile "Enchiladas"  Gluten Free Carb Conscious Non-Dairy Paleo Style 
- Not as pretty as the picture on the website, but DELICIOUS!!
  Chicken Butternut Squash Macaroni  Gluten Free Sodium Conscious
- Nutty, sweet flavor so delicious.
 There were plenty of delicious juices to choose from, and they were competitively priced at $7 - $8 
These eggs were delicious. They removed the yolk and in it's place they put humus. 4 for $3.99.

Wish they came in a half dozen. 

Naked Chicken  (Naked Beef) 
Gluten Free Carb Conscious Non-Dairy Paleo Style Sodium Conscious 
- If you like blackened chicken, you'll love it. Me I had to put hot sauce on it cause I do not like Blackened Chicken. I would buy it again cause I liked the snap peas, and the roasted cauliflower, which seems to be all the rage even on the fanciest of eateries opening lately in Philly.
Here's a link to the Menu
 Snap Kitchen opens in Fairmount and Old City Saturday at 11AM
Then in Rittenhouse Square & Mid-town Jefferson Hospital at the end of February.

1901 Callowhill St · (215) 845-0001

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our Night Out at Top of the Tower and The Upcoming Glamsino Conflict

Aaah so far behind today, and on this posting of Our Night Out which happened a couple weeks back at Top of the Tower. I don't even have time to put the names in today, I don't know where my time is going but I'll get it together soon.

 OurNightOut is a fun and casual social networking party where LGBT professionals, friends and colleagues get together and socialize, and most possibly meet Mr/Ms Right now or forever. Guests usually come directly from work so most often the dress is business, but it's not mandatory. Our Night Out was recently held at one of my fav event places, Top of the Tower. They have a killer brunch on the weekends, with amazing views of the City.
 Our Night Out is a fundraiser, and an awareness event for the Delaware Legacy Fund
 What's that about: Each year, funds will be distributed to organizations that advance the interests of the LGBTI community in legal and civil rights, arts and culture, education and the humanities, and health and social services.  Funding is directed to organizations serving the communities of Philadelphia and Southeastern PA, South/Central New Jersey and Delaware.  We Welcome applications from established groups as well as small grass-roots organizations. (DVLF)

 The next Our Night Out is scheduled for 2/18/16 which is crazy cause that's the same night as Glamsino at the Palomar, which benefits Action Aids. Doesn't anyone do conflict scheduling research. Anyway I'll be shooting Glamsino, so I'll see you there.

DVLF has two major fundraisers a year, TOY, which is held in December and Heroes, in April. Heroes is coming up 
HEROES was started 8 years ago to honor individuals whose work and leadership advance the rights of the LGBT community.  Through the nomination process we seek to identify youth, adults, non-profits, straight-allies & businesses who have bold ideas, act with selfless intention, are admired for their integrity, and are regarded as courageous in advancing the equality of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender community in the Delaware Valley and beyond.  DVLF honors these Heroes annually in celebration of their character & in encouragement of others to act heroically.