Thursday, January 29, 2015

How To Meet Sylvester Stallone in Philadelphia

Stallone has been in town a few weeks now as he is working on the movie Creed. Creed will tell the story of Apollo Creed’s grandson (played by Michael B Jordan), who decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a professional boxer. At first he was prepping for the movie Creed at Dive in Old City. Now the movie has started to film. In the evening Stallone has been making the rounds to some of Philly's most delicious dining spots.


He's gone to Estia,

 He's gone to D'Angelo's in Rittenhouse Square.

Sylvester Stallone with Sal D'Angelo

Primo Hoagies in Port Richmond.
Last night (Wednesday) he was at Victor Cafe. I'd say the next place he's going to show up is Ralph's Italian Restaurant in South Philly. One thing we know for sure is he likes the black shirts, and is usually wearing his brown bomber jacket. with Brian Johnson
 He's even gone to the top of the Rocky stairs where these lucky tourists caught up with him.

 Here he is at the Army/Navy Store in Midtown Village the first week he was here.

On Monday they started filming and the first location, and one where they will be filming many of the scenes. This formerly empty space in Port Richmond, PA, used to be a local boxing gym, but it has now been converted into Delphi Boxing Academy, Home of Apollo Creed in January, 2015 for the filming of “Creed”.
. Andre S.O.G. Ward Two-time Super Middleweight World Champion, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist has been tapped to be in the movie.

Fans are always writing me, where can I find him. For the past two days Creed has been filming in West Philly. Then I hear it's back to the Boxing Studio for him. It seems that he's not in any of the scenes being filmed yet, but he is a producer of the movie, and that's why he's on set, and why he could fly to France last week to film a commercial for a bread that he is an official spokesperson for.

Sly at the West Philly location yesterday.

Star of Creed, Michael B Jordan was seen at Fox and the Hound weeks ago, and on set.

To Meet Sly Stallone I would just stake out the film set at the boxing studio, or any one of the Italian restaurants in the City.  I think he'll go to Ralph's next. Thoughts? Follow @Iphillychitchat for the latest news. Also read Molly Eichel's column for an awesome story in today's paper about Sly stopping by to see his boyhood home. That was cool.

Logline: This continuation of the “Rocky” franchise focuses on Adonis, the raised-in-privilege grandson of former heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed, whose family would prefer that he not follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, given the tragic end to the elder Creed’s career, and life, in the ring — but Adonis, who possesses tons of natural boxing ability and a secret, irrepressible desire to compete, finds a trainer and mentor in his late granddad’s ex-rival and friend, Rocky Balboa.
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM)
Production Company: Winkler Films
Director: Ryan Coogler
Executive Producer(s): Irwin Winkler, Robert Chartoff, Nicolas Stern
Producer(s): Kevin King, Charles Winkler, David Winkler, Billy Chartoff, Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Phylicia Rashad, Tony Bellew, Tessa Thompson
Writer(s): Ryan Coogler, Aaron Covington
SSN Insight: This project re-teams Coogler and Jordan who previously worked together on indie darling Fruitvale Station. Per THR, Coogler took Creed to MGM before production on Fruitvale Station, “It was an idea I took to them and met with Stallone for his blessing. It’s a universal story about family, so I hope it’ll fly.”

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Special offerings are as follows at City Tap House Logan on Super Bowl Sunday: 
Watch with us on the 15 Foot Hi-Def Screen  ***Premium seating and packages available contact (215)587-9040
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Craft Beer Specials-Harpoon, Goose Island, Great Lakes and Brooklyn Beers for the game will be priced at $5 a piece whistle to whistle. 
Exec Chef Ian Branning (formerly of Parc & The Dandelion) is making delicious food for you to enjoy while watching the game.
  • Seattle Street Dog-  Sauerkraut, Cream Cheese, Brown Mustard, Pretzel Roll  $10 w/ fries 
  • New England Clam Chowder- Quahog, Little Neck and Razorneck Clams, Yukon Gold Potatoes  $10

    There's also a contest for those who make reservations beforehand. 

  • Make your reservation and enter to wine a trip to a top U.S. brewery. Winners every Quarter!

    For more information and group packages please email Janine at or to make your reservation please contact us at 215-587-9040
All guests who make reservations enter "Block Pool":  1 square in the pool per reservation ( ie 6 person res gets 6 blocks- all guests must arrive on time)

4 breweries have donated prize packages to be given out at the end of each quarter.  The prize package is determined by the brewery.   
Timing of the visit can be worked out by the individual and the brewery rep. Transportation is booked by the winner, with City Tap House contributing Amex gift cards towards travel expenses.

1st Quarter- Goose Island (Chicago, IL)
  • 1 basket – goose island swag – openers, hoodies, t-shirts, brewers shirt, bourbon county stout bottles)
  • $50 gift card for lunch at the brewpub (Goose Island Clybourn Brewpub)
  • Goose Island Clybourn Brewpub Tour (up to 4 people)
  • Goose Island Private Brewery Tour and Rare Beer Tasting at Tap Deck (Fulton and Wood St)
Halftime- Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Sweetass Brooklyn Brewery Beer/Swag Basket
  • Free Tour+Beers at Brooklyn Brewery for 4
  • 4 Tix to an event in our luxury suite at the Barclays Center (  Take a look at what's coming up through the link above.  I have to request tickets in advance, so the further out time-wise the better I can guarantee an event.  Saturday events probably make the most sense since travel will be involved.
  • 2 rooms at a Brooklyn Hotel
Third Quarter- Great Lakes Brewing Co (Cleveland, OH)
  • Full VIP Brewery tour
  • tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • dinner at Michael Symon's Lolita
  •  tickets to a Cleveland Indians game
Fourth Quarter- Harpoon Brewing Co (Boston, MA)
  • VIP tour of brewery
  • 4 tickets to one of our annual fests (St. Paddys, Summer Session or Octoberfest)'
  • Friday & Saturday night stay at Seaport Renaissance Hotel


BLIZZARD OF 2015, never happened and I didn't get any SNOW PHOTOS. So I reached back two years in my archives and decided to post a few of my favorite shots. Hope you enjoy them. I have two columns that should post today on Philly Mag, Indochino and The Marc Vetri Cocktail Party. I'll tweet them out when they go live. Thanks. HughE


The sunsets are the best after a snowstorm
Wondering if the weather forecasters are going to have to re-evaluate their 30 to 35 inch snowfall predicted for the Winter 2015?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Epic Story & Photo of Al Pacino - Vanity Definitely My Favorite Sin - Peter Madden Steals a Moment From The Godfather Star

This story is as epic as Al Pacino performing a monologue at the prestigious Academy Ball Concert and Ball Saturday night.
I basically bum-rushed the elevator, he's surrounded by security who (of course) immediately want me removed. Al told them to relax. I said "Al, I'm not into selfies, I'd rather have a real photo" threw his one (large) security guy my phone. Al's quote "I agree about selfies, they breed vanity." What a guy. Unforgettable! - Peter Madden, Agile Cat

The Academy Ball Concert and Gala - Saturday January 24, 2015 More Photos and The Phila Mag Link

Saturday night was the Academy Ball, an event I used to read about in Ruth Seltzer's Society Column in the Philadelphia Inquirer when I was growing up. I was that kid that read the society pages, and for someone that had an aversion to a suit and tie, I was fascinated by the white tie idea.
Fast forward to adulthood and here I am, not only do I get to cover it, but I get to go to it and take a "date". Mike never wants to go, he's fascinated like I am. Last year I took Ian Crumm, this year I went with everyone's BFF

Kory Aversa

Before the concert there is the Chairman’s Pre-Concert Reception, which is a great place for the society photographers to get their shots. I went in with the mind set I need 20 amazing, unique shots for my column in Philadelphia Magazine. Another periodical I read growing up, checking out the photos and now calling my own. You don't know how humbling, and amazing it is to have that responsibility and I take it seriously. (At the same time I think OMG I was a paralegal, I planned to always be one, how did I get here?)

I had a heck of the time the other day picking out photos to run in my PhillyMag column, everyone looked great and had a story.
Usually I try and pick people who are real standouts, have a story, haven't been in the column in at least 3 months, and anticipate if they are going to be in an upcoming column (Friday night is the Black Tie Car Show, then there's the Flower Show). Rachel Moore on the right is in the column with her gorgeous gold Oscar de la Renta dress. I positioned her so that you could see her gorgeous bow on her dress in a nearby mirror. But here's the dress in full color, in the magazine I had to lighten the photo as the mirror was dark. At the bottom of this entry I'll have a link.
I love Monique Crawford, but this photo was just wrong with the photo bomber on the right and that not very pretty jacketed person over her shoulder. I wish we weren't near the stairs. Anyway Monique is wearing one of the big signature colors of the night, gorgeous green.
Scott Quigley, Monique, Alissa Higgins and Matthew Higgings. (Don't count these photos out from appearing in Philly Mag hard copy though. I sometimes pull from PhillyChitChat to go into the magazine.)
My boss, David Lipson and his always stylish wife Susan.
Anne Callahan and Charles Croce style standouts every year.
Sandy and George Norcross. They were supposed to be in my column, but like Anne and Charles above, I forgot to upload them. So bummed. Love their style.  

Alana and Rich Tosti

The hottest couple on the planet of Philadelphia: Brandon McMullin and Rep Brian Sims
Check out Philly Mag to see Yannick Nézet-Séguin Conductor and his hot boyfriend of 17 years.
Complementary high style: Stephanie and Dr. Kirk Brandow with Carol Tamburino.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew "A.J." Marsico or as I call them my friends,
AJ Marsico and Annie McCormick Marsico.
Saturday, January 24, 2015 
Yannick Nézet-Séguin Conductor
Al Pacino Special Guest
Simone Porter Violin
James Alexander Creative Director
Anniversary Concert Program:
attrib. J.S. SMITH/orch. Ormandy
“The Star‑Spangled Banner”
Rachmaninoff from Symphonic Dances, Op. 45:
      III. Lento assai—Allegro vivace—Lento assai, come
      prima—L’istesso tempo, ma agitato—Poco meno
Kreisler/orch. McAlister “Caprice viennois,” for violin and orchestra
Sarasate “Zapateado,” from Spanish Dances, Op. 23, No. 2 (First Philadelphia Orchestra performance)
Mascagni Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticana
J. Strauss, Jr. “Wiener Blut” Waltz, Op. 354
Co-chair of Anniversary Ball Linda Siegfried (wearing Oscar de la Renta) special guest star Al Pacino

The concert was terrific, originally I was sitting inside, but when the photo above this happened I slipped outside and shot it through the window in door, as there are rules about shooting after a certain time inside the hall. I've shot through the window at other times too. I really needed the photo of everyone, including the chairs on the stage. I had forgotten that happened. The complete photo is on Philly Mag

Flo Celender makes her way down the Academy of Music staircase after the concert.
Flo is wearing vintage Christian Dior.
This year they did something really creative and added entertainment as ball guests made their way from the Academy of Music to the Bellevue:

8:30 PM–9:15 PM: Promenade to the Bellevue! Ball at the Bellevue!
Featuring the Delaware County Christian Academy Choir (2013 More 101 FM Choir competition winners!) (above)
The Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble on Broad Street

The Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School Choir at the Bellevue!

Love this whole outfit
And Danielle Hankin and Renee Dubyk

Stunning: PhillyVoice Entertainment and Lifestyle Editor Leah Kauffman with Managing Director Lexie Norcross.
Peter and Celeste Madden
  I basically bum-rushed the elevator, he's surrounded by security who (of course) immediately want me removed. Al told them to relax. I said "Al, I'm not into selfies, I'd rather have a real photo" threw his one (large) security guy my phone. Al's quote "I agree about selfies, they breed vanity." What a guy. Unforgettable!

The Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School Choir at the Bellevue!

Lea and Chris May. Their photo was also sent to the Liberty City Press where I have a weekly column in a hard copy newspaper.
Society scribe photographer Susan Scovill and Dr. Curtis Scovill
Sen Vince Fumo and fiance Carolyn Tini
I loved her dress, I just didn't have a spot for them.Gaia DiGiacomo and Carmine Berardi
Rachel Luber Cevera and Jason Cevera  enjoy dinner and a view of the dance floor from the Balcony. As "Young Friends" these are where our seats are located. I adored this photo, but I chose another shot of someone sitting. Photo tip: Sitting photos never make it in the magazine. Sometimes I will take one of each, sitting and standing and will add the standing one to the magazine. This time I had so many shots to choose from and I know I'll see these two soon.

Brian Tierney

Carol Fitzgerald, executive director of Penna. Society, Larry McMichael, chairman of Dilworth Paxson LLP and wearing Oscar de la renta Patricia Wellenbach, CEO of Green Tree School in Philadelphia.

Kory Aversa

Carrie Minelli, Director of Marketing at Parx Casino and Dino Minelli

Kim Adu
So many great people in this photo. Oh and there's Rachel Moore's Oscar de la Renta and her bow. So many people wore Oscar as a tribute to him at the Academy Ball.
Purple shoes sir
I wear my sunglasses at night. There's his 33 year old girlfriend Lucila Sola next to him. I love that Debbie Aldelman got this shot, but I dont think it's posed.

Here's the Philly Mag Link With The High Glam Shots.