Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Restaurant: Aqua at 120 S 15th Street is Closed, Dos Tacos is opening

This spot has had some memorable and not so memorable eateries here

 Aqua was one of the more memorable, and delicious spots

but Chinese food on the run just wasn't on the menu and it recently closed.

 But the grills won't be cold for long.

 Chef Sylva Senat and Ryan Dorsey (Recess Lounge) are in the process of creating a late night taco spot, inspired by tacos  & food trucks of America. 

"We will have about 8 -12 tacos on the menu as well as sides. We will be open till 3am on the weekends.. more cool stuff to come" Ryan Dorsey tells me. dos tacos opens late May, early June. It's right around the corner from all your favorite Rittenhouse Square hot spots. See you there.

Scene & Heard: Amber-Joi Watkins Tommy Domalski Wedding, Mike Vick, Shawn Bullard & Kijafa Vick

I really goofed this weekend, I was supposed to attend Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011 Amber-Joi Watkins wedding to Tommy Domalski at the Ritz-Carlton (10 Avenue of the Arts) on Saturday, but I hadnt RSVP'd, she wrote me the day before, and I found I had double booked myself, I was so bummed, but excited that these photos popped up so quickly.
I know that's no excuse, I really do feel bad. Anywhoo.
Their photographer Ron Soliman  captured some amazing photos
 Amber Joi and Tommy, and bff Kate Beaver 2nd from left.
I took some of the very first shots of Amber Joi and Tommy when they first started dating. I got the privileged to see them fall in love. 
Here's a shot of the happy couple in 2012 at Hair of the Dog.
 Ashley Johnson, former reporter at CW Eye Opener, where Amber Joi worked for a bit. Now Ashley is at myfoxhouston.com

" Amber-Joi and her sisters from the Philadelphia Sixers Dancers where they all used to dance for, including Beyonce’s right hand dancer Kimmie Gee (next to her on the left). I remember photographing her with Beyonce during one of her Philadelphia concerts during my newspaper years.
(The above quote and photos are from photographer Ron Soliman who also has more pixs on his site.)

 Another casualty of Saturday, me covering the opening of Pink Elephant at 828 N. Broad Street. Now I will say I did a drive by at 5PM and the place was packed. But I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere (Ugh 5PM was the time I was supposed to be at the wedding. What happened was I got stuck in traffic in NJ and then never made if back into Philly ontime to attend the Wedding or properly cover this event, zoink and I had a migraine.)
 Mike Vick at his wife's new store on Broad Street with Shawn Bullard, the bachelor
 Mike Vick and Kijafa Vick standing in front of Pink Elephant's new weave product.
 Congrats to Hadas Kuznits, Dan Reinherz, Geffen on the arrival of little Axel.

 Christine Maddela has settled into Las Vegas nicely, and completed a little makeover.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Beast on the Art Museum Steps - Rainy Day Monday

Saturday I was photographing the The Run For Clean Air presented by Toyota Hybrids. In between the various runs that morning I noticed the tourists running up the steps, as well as the locals utilizing the steps for exercise.

Everyone was very inspirational, but this one guy was killing it on the steps.

 And I thought I'd share a little inspiration with you
 usually I just do an instagram of something like this
 but I knew it would be a rainy Monday and
 we'd need a little more to get us through today

 Yes he is climbing up and down the steps while doing leg lifts
My friends are always asking me "Where's a good place to meet a guy." I often tell them go to the Art Museum, especially on their Friday night social events. Now I'm going recommend going to the Art Museum Steps too, as my girls are usually working out on Kelly Drive. See what they're missing on the steps.

I've seen boot camp on the steps, but never have I seen someone do planks barehanded while ascending and descending the steps.

In recent years I've videotaped a car going down the art museum steps that made international news, photos of sledders during snowstorms that have made national news, recently I photographed Creed filming on the steps, and now we we have this. It's good to go to the Art Museum.

Drop me a line, I have a list of guys and girls that would be perfect for you. A few would definitely like to work out with you next Saturday on the Art Museum Steps.

Food Trust's Flight Market at Lincoln Financial Field was fun. Next Year You Should Go, and it's for a good cause.

On Sunday Flight Market at Lincoln Financial Field, a daytime spin on Night Market that benefits The Food Trust and our mission to ensure that everyone -- regardless of income, race or ZIP code -- has access to healthy, affordable food, happened and here's what I saw

 Little kids like to pose with the Eagles Cheerleaders too
 There was also a vintage flea market going on too
 Mike was a sport yesterday. First he went with me to Flight Market knowing I'd be distracted, 2nd he let me drag him to an event right after this and hung in the lobby as I photographed the Wine, Women & Shoe event in East Norriton. Those photos will be on PhillyMag on Tuesday.
 Caption this photo. I like his wife's look as she's looking at him.

 It's a rudder to a sail boat (I used to have a sailboat so that's why I know)

 I searched and searched and could not find that Prime Stache

 Vinyl is making a comeback

 Dr. Seuss is on the loose

 Very friendly security
 Into the linc for a field tour,
 Or stare

There was also face painting, food, spirits, music, a photo booth and lots of fun things for the family. I would highly recommend you go here next year.